Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

Yes, millions of packages every day are unclaimed, or deemed undeliverable for reasons such as a wrong address, no forwarding address, delivered to the wrong address, or just simply never picked up from the postal carrier in the given time frame. These packages are not general mail, they are a collection of return to sender packages from various online retailers for the above reasons, and thereby the property of those companies.


Where do you get these?

Most unclaimed packages are auctioned off to the highest bidder, and lucky enough we were able to secure a contract with our supplier that allows us access to these.


Do you open these before sending them?

No, we do not open the packages, we leave it a double-blind mystery for both us and for you. It’s a lot more entertaining that way 😉


What kind of things do people typically find in these packages?

While the packages typically contain completely random things, previous customers have found just about anything and everything. These items include but are not limited to: Electronics (wireless headphones, computer accessories, phones, gadgets, LED lights and signs, etc.), books, records, toys and games, clothing items and accessories, jewelry, shoes, beauty products, personalized items, fad gift items, tools, home décor, knock-off items, name brand items, adult items and much more. Pretty much if you have seen it for sale on an online website, it could be in our unclaimed packages.

Are these boxes intended for resale purposes?

While we do not recommend buying our boxes to resell the contents for a profit, people have found some valuable items. Instead, we encourage our customers to focus on the fun experience with an opportunity to find some treasures!